Get a baseline smile assessment without leaving the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world with our new virtual smile consultations! This one-on-one live consultation eliminates some of the barriers to achieving your cosmetic or functional dental goals, whether they be COVID-related or not.

During your session with Dr. Ismail, you’ll receive preliminary answers to all of your important questions, and learn about your procedure options and timelines in advance that you might need to follow. You’ll also gain an assessment of what your smile could look like, prior to investing any significant time or money in cosmetic dentistry.

Here’s where we start: after gathering information over the phone with our front office team, we’ll send you an email questionnaire, gather photos of your smile and give you an opportunity to tell Dr. Ismail a little more about what you’d like to achieve.

Your challenges could be a chipped tooth, a slight gap between two teeth, discoloration, misaligned teeth or beyond. Whatever the problem is, it is essential to understand your exact smile goal to help you have the smile you deserve.

Following this information gathering, a virtual consult appointment will be scheduled for a nominal fee. While some practices perform pre-recorded consultations, we believe it’s important to have a live interaction where you can receive the benefit of having all your questions answered on the spot. Appointments are available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

About Your Virtual Team

Your dentist, Dr. Affaf Ismail, has extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetic dentistry. She completed an advanced residency at the University of Michigan, one of the country’s leading dental schools, where she specialized in cosmetics. She also trained with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics providing her with a comprehensive understanding and a very keen eye for crafting beautiful esthetics.

Your in-house lab technician, Mike Stanford, works chairside with both Dr. Godes and Dr. Ismail, fabricating perfect crowns, veneers, and implants to exactly match the natural appearance of your teeth. In other practices, this work is often taken off site away from the patient using only molds as a reference. Mike is an extremely gifted technician procuring the most custom and natural looking smile for our patients! Our in-house fabrication process allows our office the benefit to make real time changes to crafting beautiful high quality cosmetic and restorative work.