Our dentists may recommend a root canal if your tooth is infected or injured. Root canal therapy works to prevent tooth extraction so that you can retain your original tooth and continue using it without difficulty. Dr. Stacy Godes and Dr. Affaf Ismail may refer you to a trusted endodontic specialist if your case is particularly complex. When we refer you to an endodontist, we choose only those doctors who take a holistic approach to your care, considering your overall well-being as well as your oral health.

The endodontists with whom we work use the GentleWave® procedure, an innovative alternative to standard root canal treatments that is minimally invasive and much more comfortable. Root canals performed with GentleWave can usually be completed in a single appointment and are so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system that the risk of the root canal failing over time is significantly reduced.

They also use a special regeneration technique that uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore your root canals to a healthy state while also allowing the root and surrounding tissue to continue developing. While innovative, regeneration is a conservative approach to root canal therapy because it focuses on regrowing nerve tissue instead of removing it. The process is designed to maintain the tooth’s vitality while also strengthening it.

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