Using platelet-rich plasma, our dentists and team can promote faster healing following your treatments! This treatment uses a type of protein found in your blood to enhance healing and promote the regeneration of healthy tissue so that you can recover faster and return to normal oral health.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, therapy allows patients to take advantage of the body’s natural capacity for healing, but at a greatly accelerated rate. During the body’s healing process, it sends different cell types, including platelets, to the site of trauma to initiate healing.

In PRP therapy, the patient’s own blood is drawn out and then spun rapidly, resulting in a concentration of platelets and growth factors necessary to the healing process. When this heavily concentrated portion of the blood is isolated, it contains three to five times the number of growth factors found in normal blood.

The evidence pointing to the efficacy of PRP therapy is compelling. In one study evaluating the healing times of patients following tooth extractions, it was found that patients treated with PRP therapy healed nearly six times faster than patients in the control group. These findings are significant not only because they reveal the potential of PRP therapy to reduce the patient’s pain and suffering but also because they offer a solution to several significant medical problems.

This is especially true in regard to problems associated with slow or improper healing following a tooth extraction, specifically in older patients. Poor healing can result in an excessive loss of bone that may prove either untreatable or fixable only through expensive reconstructive surgery. PRP therapy offers a technique for expedited healing that is simple, cost-effective and reliable.

PRP therapy has proven valuable when used in conjunction with dental implant procedures and tooth extraction, contributing to faster tissue and bone growth. PRP therapy is currently being used to reduce post-operative pain, promote tissue repair and reduce healing times in a variety of different disciplines.

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