If you are considering a dental implant, then a bone graft will likely be necessary to ensure your bone can support the replacement tooth. Our experienced dentist and team offer holistic bone grafting treatments in Solana Beach, California, that will not only give you the bone mass necessary for an implant but will do it by growing your own natural bone.

The office of Stacy Godes, DDS is partnered with SteinerBio; to bring you bone graft products that are safe and effective. These bone grafts are not made from human or animal products, so you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving a bone graft that is completely natural and harms no other living thing.

SteinerBio bone graft products use a proprietary organic compound that attaches to the cells in your body that generate bone, the osteoblasts. When the bone graft is placed, the osteoblasts move into it and interact with the compound, which is the exact same as the naturally-occurring compound in our bodies that cause our bones to grow in the first place. Our bodies lack enough of this compound to grow new bone, however, which is why a bone graft is necessary in the first place; SteinerBio bone grafts are completely biocompatible, because they simply help your body to regrow its own natural bone.

If you are interested in a bone grafting treatment, please contact us at 858-794-7768 today to schedule your appointment or visit the SteinerBio education page to learn more! We understand that this can be an intimidating treatment option, but we are here to help you through every step of the process. We are excited to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile!