Biocompatibility TestingAs part of our commitment to promoting your oral and overall health, our dentists and team use only biocompatible materials when providing our treatment. In order to determine which materials are best for your body, we perform biocompatibility testing. These test results help us determine the effects that different materials will have so that we can determine which type of material will produce the best long-term results for your smile and oral health. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Stacy Godes or Dr. Affaf Ismail and learn more about biocompatibility testing in Solana Beach, California, call us today at 858-794-7768.

Biocompatibility testing is a non-invasive and pain-free method of assessing the effect of materials on your body, and it helps us select the materials that will challenge your immune system the least and which are most compatible with your own body characteristics.

Biocompatibility testing may be performed in several ways. At our office, there are two methods we use to perform these tests:

  • Blood Serum Testing (Materials Reactivity Testing)
  • Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology)

Materials reactivity testing is performed by a lab with a simple blood draw. After collecting the blood sample, the lab will run tests to determine any sensitivity that you might have to chemical or dental materials. This test is very comprehensive, testing over 2,000 different materials, and is typically performed when a patient has a history of chemical sensitivity.

Muscle testing is usually used to identify any dental concerns that are present. This test is based on muscle activity, strength and overall health. Our dentists and team use these tests to scan your jaw, joints, muscles and teeth for weaknesses that might be the result of an oral concern. By using the body’s own biofeedback mechanisms, we can identify the materials and items that will weaken you and avoid using any materials that will not be compatible with your body. Our dentists may also use muscle testing as part of a comprehensive dental exam in order to gain a better picture of your overall health and wellness.

To learn more about biocompatibility testing and schedule your appointment, contact our office today.

Our practice uses Clifford Testing and BioComp Laboratories, Inc. to perform blood serum tests. For more information about these companies, please contact our office or visit the websites using the links below: