What Is CEREC?

CEREC is revolutionary technology that can provide the dental restorations you need to correct many dental problems, including gaps, cracks, discolorations and crooked teeth. In the past, at least two appointments were required to receive a dental crown and restore your smile. However, thanks to technological advances, Dr. Stacy Godes and Dr. Affaf Ismail can now provide you with same-day crowns!

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics:

  • Chairside: We can use the technology while you are seated in our dental chair.
  • Economical: You get a high-quality restoration for the time and cost spent using CEREC.
  • Restoration: The beauty and function of your smile can be restored.
  • Esthetic: CEREC restorations are designed to look just like your natural teeth.
  • Ceramic: The restorations are made of durable, strong ceramic that resembles tooth enamel.

The advanced CEREC device allows us to design and place your restoration in a single appointment so that you can leave our office with a renewed smile. Call 858-794-7768 today to learn more about CEREC same-day restorations in Solana Beach, California, and schedule your appointment with our dentists.


What Are the Benefits of CEREC?

Restorations crafted using CEREC technology are safe, effective and highly accurate. Through the use of 3D imaging, your restoration will be customized to fit in your mouth comfortably and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Benefits include:

Reduced waiting time

Improved comfort and results

Usually just one appointment needed


No metal work

No temporary restorations

No lab visits or fees

CEREC vs. Traditional Restorations

CEREC restorations are made of porcelain, which resembles the translucence and appearance of natural tooth enamel. The porcelain can be matched to the color of your natural teeth and shaped to blend with your smile. Traditional restorations may be made of metal, amalgam or composite resin, which are more likely to fracture, decay or cause other health problems. Traditional restorations may also require removal of healthy parts of your teeth in order to be fitted properly. CEREC restorations are precisely designed to fit in your mouth with minimal to no need for healthy enamel removal.

Advantages of CEREC restorations include:

  • Enhanced strength and longevity
  • More natural-looking results
  • Usually just one appointment needed
  • More conservation of healthy tooth structure

What to Expect During a CEREC Procedure

1. We will remove all damaged or decayed portions of your tooth. We may use a dental laser to enhance comfort and results.

2. With a handheld CEREC camera, we will take a 3D image of your tooth and mouth.


4. The CEREC machine crafts the restoration out of a ceramic block that is matched to the color of your natural teeth.

5. The newly crafted restoration is placed and bonded to your tooth for a beautiful, durable finish

3. The 3D image will allow our dentists and team to design your new restoration right on the CEREC monitor for you to see.

Why Choose Us?

Our dentists and team have invested in CEREC technology in our commitment to providing our valued patients with superior dental care they can always rely on. We are well trained to use CEREC and can provide you with a high-quality restoration that will restore your confidence in your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do CEREC restorations last? +

Restorations designed and crafted with CEREC technology can look beautiful and function well for many years or even a lifetime with proper dental care and regular visits to our office.

Who will provide and place my CEREC restoration? +

Our dentists and team have received the advanced training needed to operate the CEREC machine. Your restoration will be designed and placed by well-trained dental professionals with years of experience and excellent results.

What is the cost of a CEREC restoration?+

The cost of your unique CEREC restoration will depend on the size, site and other factors related to the restoration. Our dentists will examine your mouth and needs thoroughly before making a plan. We will then discuss all costs involved and answer any questions you might have about financing.

When considering the cost of your restoration, keep in mind that a high-quality CEREC restoration can reduce the likelihood that you will need more expensive treatments in the future.

How do I care for my CEREC restoration?+

The porcelain material of your new CEREC restoration will be more resistant to staining than natural tooth enamel is, but you will still need to maintain good daily oral hygiene at home to keep it at its best and most functional. You will want to brush and floss your restoration just as you do with your natural teeth. Our dentists will let you know if there are any special care instructions you need to follow.