Mercury can have very harmful effects on your body, and our team offers safe mercury removal to extract fillings and other restorations in your mouth containing mercury to protect and promote your health. However, even after the removal of mercury restorations, mercury can still remain in the body. Further, mercury can get into the body through other means, including the consumption of fish or vaccinations.

Many patients are interested in finding out for sure if traces of mercury are still in their bodies after mercury restorations are removed. Many other patients who have not had mercury restorations still want to know if they have been exposed to mercury another way and how much is in their bodies. Dr. Stacy Godes and Dr. Affaf Ismail may refer interested patients to Christopher Turf, R.Ph., a practitioner in Colorado who provides mercury testing. Christopher Turf can conduct a Quicksilver Scientific Mercury Tri-Test to detect various types of mercury in your body and even determine your body’s unique ability to eliminate mercury.

If you are interested in learning about the mercury testing provided by Christopher Turf, please visit his website at! And if you would like to learn more about safe mercury removal and the harmful effects of mercury or if you would like to schedule an examination with our dentists in Solana Beach, California, please call 858-794-7768.