Stacy Godes, DDS — Holistic and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Stacy Godes (pronounced “Goddess”) chose to pursue a career in the dental profession as a way to help people achieve their goals related to overall health and wellbeing. Combining the art and science of dentistry into a tool for healing is a passion for Dr. Godes as she works to promote the health, wellness and healing of her patients.

Dr. Godes may not have started out as a holistic dentist but her early experiences in traditional dentistry left her wanting to find a better way to treat patients, with an increased focus on the whole person. Having a deep passion for health, fitness and nutrition in her personal and professional life combined with an ingrained appreciation for non-traditional health care alternatives, Dr. Godes eventually turned to holistic dentistry. Holistic dentistry has since become not only a satisfying philosophy but a practice that allows Dr. Godes to blend personal lifestyle with professional ideals. Her goal is to improve overall health, wellness and longevity for generations to come, and she hopes to help a million people create whole body health by 2025.

Dr. Godes has become one of the best in her field. Today, she is an expert in ozone treatments, cavitation surgeries and mercury extraction among many other biological dental treatments, and she has trained with some of the top organizations and doctors in the field of biological dentistry. She is one of 500 dentists to have in her office CEREC technology (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction). CEREC is a method for creating, producing and inserting same-day dental ceramic restorations rather than the traditional process involving multiple visits with lab work in between. She continues to advance her education as often as possible.

Dr. Godes also continues to study diet and nutrition and their impact on wellness. Striving to combine the techniques and artistry of general dentistry with an ever-expanding understanding of the impact that oral health has on the entire body, Dr. Godes can provide care beyond that normally offered by traditional dentistry. She describes her greatest professional accomplishments as using holistic techniques to achieve improvements in the health of very sick patients who feel that traditional medical and dental practitioners have given up on them.

When not at the office, Dr. Godes enjoys working on her own health and fitness routines, traveling, reading, outdoor activities, cooking, and spending time with her family, which includes a supportive husband, three children, one grandson and two dogs.



  • University of the Pacific, San Francisco California
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry, 1999-2000
  • Continuing Education series through Arrowhead Lab/Dick Barnes Group including Total Team Training, Advanced Cosmetics, Over the Shoulder Hands on Cosmetics, Occlusion, Implants
  • Focused Training in Ozone Therapy
  • Advanced CEREC Training
  • Advanced 3D Cone Beam Training


Andrea Blum, DDS, MS

Dr. Andrea Blum completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, majoring in biology and psychology. She then attended the University of Michigan’s dental school, graduating with her Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1978. Additionally, Dr. Blum has a master’s degree in holistic nutrition and is certified as a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle coach (FNLP). This ties in well with her dental training, as she is able to explore and educate individuals about their sleep habits, gut health, biorhythms, movement, hydration, autoimmune issues, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog and other root causes of problems.

Dr. Blum loves to learn new things and is constantly educating herself. She has completed courses and training in Invisalign® orthodontics, infection control, holistic dentistry, ozone therapy and a number of technologies. Dr. Blum started her practice in Michigan and has been practicing in our office here for over 22 years. She is a member of several professional organizations, including the San Diego Women’s Dental Society and several holistic dental organizations. Additionally, she is in the silver tier for Invisalign and is certified in the Psychology of Eating.

As a dentist, Dr. Blum’s ultimate goal is to bring her patients to vibrant health and a life well lived. She listens to her patients to understand their goals and wishes and looks at them as a whole person to see how they can achieve the best results for themselves. She loves giving her patients beautiful smiles, from working with fearful patients and helping them have outstanding experiences to helping children grow up with healthy teeth. She loves restoring bright smiles and finds it rewarding to restore broken or decayed teeth to what they originally looked like. Dr. Blum enjoys the relationship she has with her patients and her coworkers as they feel more like close friends and extended family.

Dr. Blum and her husband, Steve, have been married for 37 years. They have four children and a dog named Kobe. Dr. Blum loves yoga, Zumba, hiking, travel, photography, Spanish lessons, painting and jewelry making. She especially loves being in nature and surrounded by mountains. She has traveled to Vietnam, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Borneo, South Africa, Europe and New Zealand, and she enjoys going on less-traveled paths to experience fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes.